To the Top

Little kitty jumped

Attempting to climb

The compound wall

Failed, fell down

Not to be deterred

She tried, a second time

In vain

Not concerned,

Who watched

I thought,

Aww, don’t worry little kitty

Come again tomorrow

For now,

Go, play someplace else

Not one to give up

She tried a third time

Landed, successfully

Not concerned

Who watched…

Last Sunday My elder son and I were on our morning walk and near Bagmane Tech Park, when we saw an adorable white kitten. With the reassuring presence of her mother in the background, she was oblivious to the dogs lurking around. We watched her fascinated as she made her multiple attempts to climb the 2 feet high wall.

The kitten, unlike me, had

No self doubt

No fear of failure

No concern about passers by who might watch her fall

She had a single minded focus on her goal – of climbing the compound wall and playing on the other side.

Her attempts to climb were purposeful, energetic and enthusiastic. When she fell, her mother did not fuss over her, she was just there… probably to the kitten, a re-assuring presence.

Why am I narrating all this? Well,  that day  I learnt a beautiful lesson. These lovely animals whom we, humans consider inferior (to us) are so resilient. Inspired by this incident, yesterday during my coaching exercise with a co-participant, I decided to call my shine goal as the ‘White kitten goal’…


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