Nails in Spotlight!

I don’t usually paint my nails, excuse is that, with all the work I do in the kitchen, the paint chips quickly and it looks unsightly. Despite all the hesitation, I picked up a few bottles of nail paint recently in a mall. There was some kind of a promotion going on and nails of any willing client were being adorned by a store assistant of a famous cosmetic brand. After that incident, I started noticing younger women at work and their fetish for nail art! Some had the patience to even change it every day to suit their outfit. I have also witnessed the anguish of a particularly well dressed young lady, when her well painted nail broke!

On doing some secondary research, I was impressed to find out that nail art is a career option and has a sizable market in India.

The most curious find was to read about a new trend among young Japanese Businessmen, they have taken up nail art to stand out among million others who also wear dark suits white shirt & staid tie and be noticed. Young men are (supposedly) willing to pay top dollar for nail art that includes gemstones, pastel-pinks and even company logos.” The trend is called ‘Business Nail’ and it has given rise to a new industry by itself, this article explains the experience of one man, lets call him Jin, it worked as a career enhancing trick!

Jin, a 26-year-old employee at a major media enterprise based in Tokyo, attributes his comfortable and successful life to his fancy nail art. It just took him 8 months to rise from a 16 hour days of boring data entry job to the position of the personal assistant of the boss. Simply put he rose from a salary of 120,000 yen to 450,000 yen plus expenses!

All this thanks to his girlfriend painting his nails and gluing the logo of the company he worked for. The next day during lunch in the company cafeteria his boss, who was standing in line behind him, caught sight of his nails and struck up a conversation. He was so impressed with what he perceived be Jin’s dedication to the company. Two months later, Jin became the personal assistant to his boss!

Some use it to bend rules! Wimbledon is famous for enforcing its rule of only allowing players to wear white, but stylish female competitors were seen bending the rules by adding a splash of colour to their outfits via their nail varnish. While Serena Williams wore Orange coloured nail art, Heather Watson displayed glittery gold polish.

Serena Williams setting colourful nail trend at Wimbledon
Serena Williams setting colourful nail trend at Wimbledon

Well the 51 year old Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt was seen with elaborate nail design in an award bash at Palm springs!

So the various surveys and reports I read on the Nail paint industry in India and across the world, assured me of one thing. That Nails are finally in the spotlight! As one magazine puts it- In India, the nail business is growing by leaps and bounds. An estimated size of Rs51 billion ($950 million), the Indian beauty and cosmetic market has expanded manifold to include the nail category. With a marked increase in nail bars and an increase in the types of nail enamels available, the business is looking good ‘ Whether or not I paint my nails, I love the art form, the variety and the bling. I think it adds a dimension to the person sporting it. So here is my growing collection of nail art clips


2 thoughts on “Nails in Spotlight!

  1. I remember this, if you have it then you flaunt it….this is something that helps people discover and encourage new talents and inventions. Gosh ! i din’t know about the nail art thing too 😀


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