Walking my way to better health!

For a long time I used to envy people who had made walking a natural part of their lives. In fact, they seemed to be doing it so effortlessly, both enjoying the exercise and improving their health.

Around August I set a goal to reduce my weight and decided to walk my way to fitness; I’d heard that it’s equivalent to cardio burning workout. Getting up early in the morning initially was an issue, but when a neighbour showed interest it helped. Experts suggest that 30 minutes’ walk at least 3 times a week, we decided to walk for an hour every morning and 2 hours during weekends.

I picked walking as it did not need any ability or specialized training nor did it need any gadgets. All we needed were good shoes with some amount of padding to minimize injuries. Walking is easier on the joints; I remember reading somewhere that a walker’s foot lands with only 1.5 times the force of body weight as against running or jogging. Running on an average puts three times the force on the feet.

I realized that walking with proper diet can be a very effective weight loss program. A brisk walk is supposed to reduce cholesterol levels.

We wear comfortable, sweat absorbing cloths, walking shoes. We drink adequate amounts of water before the walk to keep ourselves hydrated.

I am told some light stretching before and after the walk helps to keep the lower back, legs and shins loose… I am planning to add that to my daily regimen.

If you are still not convinced here are a few benefits I have enjoyed since I started walking

  • I have enjoyed better health free of colds compared to my previous sedentary lifestyle.
  • As for weight loss, I’ve lost almost 11 pounds since I started – without dieting.
  • It has helped me relax… the feeling of having started the day with light exercise leaves me feeling good the whole day!

Here is a quote on walking I love: If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk – Raymond Inmon.

Well! I tend to agree with the quote, it is supported by science, the improved blood circulation stimulates thinking and clarity. I have observed my thoughts racing almost in proportion to the speed at which I walk J




2 thoughts on “Walking my way to better health!

  1. 🍄 it’s well written article with genuinely expressed personal experience. Angel potion is highly encouraging. Keep writing.


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