God Bless you!

I had gone for a meeting to Costa Coffee, Koramangala on Tuesday 11th Dec, 2012, a day which had started quite normally. I had just made myself comfortable at the café when I received a call from my husband, Udi,  to say ‘Hello, I’ve fractured my knee cap and am on my way to the Manipal Hospital. I was stunned, not sure if I’d heard him right; I tried calling him a couple of times, but was unable to reach him.  Then I called my friend Mahesh – also Udi’s colleague, who made a few quick calls and had Udi call me back to confirm the news. Sensing my distress, Varun whom I was in a meeting with, offered to drive me to the hospital.

Mahesh had the presence of mind to call me to inform that Udi was being brought to the hospital in an Ambulance, as the injured leg had to be kept straight. Whatever little courage I had, evaporated when I saw Udi being eased out of the ‘108 Emergency Service’ Ambulance on to a trolley (stretcher) at the Casualty wing of Manipal hospital.

Udi had gone for lunch to a restaurant near his office with a couple of his colleagues. There due to a mat/carpet which partially covered a flight of stairs, he had fallen down and fractured his patella. As per Udi, the ambulance staff that took care of him on way to the hospital were excellent. They first kept his knee straight (with a posterior lower leg splint) and shifted him to the ambulance; they checked his BP at regular intervals during the drive to the hospital, monitored his Oxygen level and gave him oxygen. I must appreciate their conscientiousness as they updated the doctors at the Casualty before they departed. I feel very bad now that I did not thank them for the excellent care… Murthy a colleague of Udi’s had accompanied him.

A couple of Udi’s colleagues rushed to the hospital and Mahesh and Varun were with me till Udi was shifted to the ward. I had to leave Dummi, my pet Labrador in the care of my neighbor, Reshmi (who also had a pet), till my Mother-in-law arrived from Mangalore the next morning. I had Rajesh (my colleague) coming over to hand over my belongings which I’d left in the office, though he lived in the opposite direction,

I have had the misfortune of taking care of my near and dear ones in the hospital many times. And this was another such duty that I had to perform. The 4 day’s stay at the hospital was un-eventful (fortunately) except for his Sugar going up (which the doctor explained to us was common, post-surgery).

We had a few very large hearted nurses who took good care of Udi and some very helpful ward boys, who gave him a sponge bath, shifted him to the various checkups in a trolley.

Come Saturday, 15th Dec, 2012 and we (!!) were getting discharged. We now had 3 friends offering to drop us home! We came home with Mahesh and were greeted by Belinda a dear friend who’d come all the way from Jakkur to cheer Udi up.

This post is an acknowledgement: Udi & I are blessed with these genuine friends, who took time off from their office work and personal life to come and help us, spend time with us. I have not mentioned some others who either helped or offered to help us, by name, but we know them and will never forget their gesture.

Thank God for these friends and well-wishers, may God bless them and keep them happy.



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