So I’ll write…

I always felt the urge to write when I was agitated, I wrote when I was upset about something or when I was excited. Then I met a gentleman on a flight to Delhi, who read my blog and wrote to me, wondering if I was insecure or unhappy when I wrote! I paused, stopped writing for a while, when I was upset, but thoughts never flow when one worries about what other people would say.

It does not matter what anyone thinks, one never ceases to be ‘the person’, he or she is. To try to be anything else is to hide behind a mask!

Life is too short and fragile. Nothing lasts – success, safety, bad times, parents, love of a sibling, a pet, a toy, a much loved house one calls ‘home’, a ‘flame’. Anne frank may not have expected to die at 14. Gandhi may not have expected to be shot while returning from prayer. Having said that, life is too precious to be whiled away, slogging at a job in the hope to make it big someday, a day that may never come…

So, I will write

When I’m happy,

When I’m sad,

When I’m pensive,

When I’m furious,

When I’m spent,

When I’m broke,

When I feel rich,

With relish !


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