Jurassic park !

I started working in the year 1985, as a trainee, in the EDP centre (as it was called then) of Kasturba Medical College Hospital at Manipal. So for all practical purposes, I’ve been working (full-fledged) for the last 26 years. I’ve reported/worked with various professionals, some natural leaders and some made so (designated) by the system.   

The natural leaders are secure, confident, trust their team and are an absolute pleasure to work with, while the other type are insecure and need constant reassurances. The natural leaders whom I’ve worked with, have been very demanding but working with them always had an element of challenge and fun. I feel that each member of the team was given a fair chance to prove him or herself. The atmosphere will be healthy and promots great relationships. I’d like to remember MC my manager at NGEF for a couple of years, RIP MC. He was a demanding manager when it came to work but was a fun person; he had a fantastic sense of humour.

This incident happened when my Son ‘Mayur’ was about one and a half years old, in the year 1993. MC had visited us for some reason and the moment my son saw him, he started shouting ‘Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park’! While I was still wondering how to react, MC looked hurt and started shaking his head, exclaiming, ‘What a wonderful and unique way to insult me Mangal! , teaching your son to call me names, you could have just told me I was not welcome to your house’. I was flabbergasted and was desperately trying to shut my son up, while he continued pointing at MC and kept repeating ‘Jurassic Park’. As I was about to lose control my husband who just returned home, started laughing and to my surprise MC too joined in.

After their laughter subsided, MC explained to me that he had met my husband and Mayur in the movie theater where they’d all gone to watch ‘Jurassic Park’. My son unable to speak clearly at that time had decided to call him ‘Jurassic Park’!

On the other hand, the phrase ‘Some people dig for faults as if it were buried treasure’ seems true with regard to the second kind. The most obvious manifestation of insecurity is that, this person keeps reminding everyone around that he or she is the boss! A team member of such a professional is always reminded by statements to the effect – ‘I am responsible’, ‘I can’t tell you as yet, only ‘Top Management’ is privy to this information’ etc. This ‘leader’ is always stealing the credit of a team member and passing on the failures to the team (‘this team is useless, in the last 8 months we’ve not got a single large order’). This kind of manager fosters a very unhealthy and mistrustful atmosphere in the workplace. The micro-managing is also due to insecurity !

Leadership to the second type only means power, without responsibility. It means glamour; It ends up as a game of credit or blame. Work suffers; the team too suffers as no one is willing to trust another!  They remind me of this quote

‘Some people dig for faults as if it were buried treasure’ – Hewitt


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