Room with a view

As I write this post, I am in Mumbai to attend an event and to meet few friends from Media. Our office in Mumbai arranged ‘Hotel Park View’  for my stay, with-in allocated budget J. The hotel staff, who escorted me to the room, drew the curtain aside and said to me ma’am, ‘room with a view’. 

The day I arrived it poured heavily and I had left the curtain open to watch the rain, as I slept. The next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of 10 or so, elderly men, sitting on the damp benches meditating. They looked as if they belonged to middle class families. They were in the park for nearly an hour, doing light exercise once they finished their meditation. As they left the park in groups of twos and threes I started wondering, is this how I’d like to spend my twilight days? This time together in the park was obviously their support system. These were people with similar needs, similar social issues, growing old together.

As we rush through our daily lives, we don’t realize we’re aging; it only looks as if our colleagues and friends are either growing grey or bald! The mirror shows the same familiar face, day-after-day, though we tell ourselves ’I look a little tired today’. 

A learning from the day spent in the ‘room with a view’ – learn to take care of yourself, be comfortable with yourself, make friends with people of your age – preferably with similar tastes, who knows how long you’ll live!


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