Give yourself a Chance

I met a good friend for lunch over the weekend. One point led to another and we ended up discussing ‘the purpose of life’ or the ‘purpose why God created this world/universe’, over a couple of glasses of Litchi juice! While I was struggling to answer the question, my friend supplied – ‘growth’ – ‘growth is the purpose of God’s creation of this world?’. I was nonplused for a moment and wanted to tell him, ‘we believe growth is the cause for happiness!’

My friend goes on to explain – ‘God created this universe and his purpose was ‘Growth’, yes if you are not able to grow at the pace you anticipated at, from point A to point B, in a straight line, it’s ok! You may be required to take a detour’. He further explained that in his opinion the detour may come in the form of a nasty neighbor who keeps making your life miserable as he objects to your dog being walked in the neighbourhood (keep your dog in your house! Don’t bring her for walks, let her poop in your house etc. etc.) Or in the form of a supervisor who is constantly telling you how everything you do is wrong, or about a colleague, who thinks she is a gift of God to the human kind etc. etc.  God has his way of putting these obstacles in your way, he expects and trusts that you will discover the way to your goal! He also told me to take stock of my gifts…

What he told me was simple, today I can complain that I have a fat dog (who needs to shed 10 Kilos of weight) or I can kiss her for the sheer happiness she gives me with her unconditional love & loyalty. I can complain about the cluttered, apartment ridden road (where I live) or be happy I have a roof over my head. Crib endlessly about all the household work I need to do or be thankful for the loving family that I’ve nurtured all these years! I could think of many people who’d love to be in my position for all the above!

Vinod had provoked me into contemplating, thinking, internalising this fact. I understood a little more clearly, how God had helped us to earn enough money to buy/own this apartment that we live, have a pet dog – to whom we are the universe and for giving me enough energy and patience to nurture the most beautiful family! Am I not the luckiest of all the people? Has God not helped me grow?

I then recalled the video on YouTube where Anthony Robbins explains how people can be just one millimeter off from success (in a game or in life) when they think all hell was breaking loose. The video continues and Tony urges listeners to give themselves a chance.

That’s what I’ve decided to do, give myself a chance…

There is no situation that is not transformable. There is no person who is hopeless. There is no set of circumstances that cannot be turned about by human beings and their natural capacity for love of the deepest sort – Desmond Tutu Quotes


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