Confusions galore!

Last couple of days have been crazy, I am beginning to read between lines and see aspects I’ve never understood all these past years. For example, I saw a TED talk of a street skater and learnt a profound truth. Most often we ‘Hold on to something’, a job, a relationship, a floundering business just because we’re afraid to let go; due to fear of society ­­- in the process stop being spontaneous and creative. Stop enjoying the very thing we fell in love with and cherished. If we learn to let go, life might provide a better option!

I read a book and realized that sometimes the responses we get from people are not necessarily what we deserve; that most often people react based on their ‘assumption’ of who we are, which might be far from reality. The sheer proximity to ‘Top Brass’ can earn you the friendship of a whole lot of people, who are otherwise oblivious of your existence.  On the other hand you may even end up being a pawn or a scape goat in the office politics and lose your job, again due to the perceived proximity to a powerful person. When the powerful person may not realise – may not even care.

Where is the solution to such fears, insecurities and non-existent power equations? Can you walk up to your tormentor in the corporate scenario and tell him/her, ‘Hey! Look, you’re mistaken. I am not who you think I am’! What do you think the response will be?  Of course it is going to be denial and feigned innocence.

Or can you give up the relationship and hope for something better to happen? Or give up the job and hope a better opportunity to happen to you? Does the world around us ever forget or forgive us, for our past deeds? How long does it take for your colleagues, seniors to forget your commitment, dedication and loyalty? Does the society even care about our ground realities?  

I hope these questions will eventually get answered! Hope the books I read, the introspection will get me the clarity I seek!


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