Boss or Supervisor?

I dislike the term ‘boss’, in my opinion it is slang. Most people in corporate circles associate the word with ownership, and expect ‘total’ loyalty from the subordinate. No one even pauses to think whether he/she deserves the loyalty from the subordinate and if so why? 

A subordinate who so much as dares to address the MD or Proprietor and not his immediate reporting officer, ‘Boss’ is severely dealt with. The fact that the ‘supervisor’ (if you please the ‘boss’) himself is in employment (of the organization/Proprietor/Management) and is entitled to be called ‘boss’, is most often forgotten. This subordinate may even face the consequence of a bad appraisal, as the ‘Supervisor’  get’s ‘emotional’ and is unable to excise his / her logic while doing the appraisal!

So let’s dwell on this topic a little further, whom should an employee’s loyalty lie with? Should it be with the organization, with the management or with his/her immediate supervisor? Who is responsible for the growth of the organization? Who is ensuring that the organization runs smoothly and grows? Such a person or a team of such persons, deserve loyalty and respect from the work force.

At no time, should the employee be totally subservient and forget his self-esteem. The employer-employee relationship is professional; the employee gets paid for the services he/she renders. So where is the question of subservience?  

For a healthy relationship at work place both the supervisor and the subordinate should learn to respect each other as individuals and support each other. An attitude of one-upmanship will only go so far and the dynamics of a workplace can turn a supervisor into a non-entity in no time.

The most important aspect is to help each other grow personally as well as professionally and build trust.


One thought on “Boss or Supervisor?

  1. yes I agree with you .

    From the very starting the ranks were given to deserving men/women to build a system of hierarchy .

    In that system if anyone needed some guidance or help regarding his work he looked towards the person above him . Those positions were given on basis of expertise, knowledge and the capability of the person.

    But the feeling of power and control over others often make human mind behave differently . Shading or hiding your own weakness behind the work of someone below your rank is quite easy and looks comfortable too , but a real leader or boss is the one who takes responsibility of actions done by him or his sub-ordinates working under him.

    Respect your work and world will respect you . People come and go in your life , what stays with you is you and your conscious. Keep it alive.


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