My younger kid is in town for Diwali vacation. He wanted to clear his wardrobe of stuff he had outgrown. He had pulled out a whole lot of very good (expensive) stuff that he could no longer wear. My natural instinct made me go through the pile to pick a few that I could send to his younger cousin. My son was scandalized and protested vehemently that I should do no such thing! His reason was that ‘Kids today don’t like hand-me-downs’. He insisted that I give it all to ‘kids who have no parents to buy them stuff that they needed’! I heeded his advice and packed it off to an orphanage.

I remember getting many cloths from my first cousins living in Metros, never once had I felt that way! In fact I remember one of my favourite skirts made out of Black velvet with bright little orange stars on it; It was a knee length A-Line skirt.     

My mother used her creativity and made it from a Bell bottom trouser handed down to me by my cousin who lived in the USA. I used to wear it with an Orange round necked T Shirt and thought I looked quite good in it. Never once did I feel bad or care that  it was made from a discarded garment !

Bell bottoms were a rage in those days, these were trousers which flared out back and front from the bottom of the calf down and the hems, the bottom could flare up to 18 inches. The other variation – the Flares, these flared out massively from the knee down and could be up to 26 inches. Now they are worn for Halloween parties!


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