Soap Saver

During my visit to Mangalore this week, I had gone to Nilgiris – a Super market, to pick a couple of things for the kids. As I was going through the various racks I saw a product that took me back down the memory lane a couple of years back. In a box were quite a few colourful ‘Soap Savers’, costing Rs. 2/- per piece. My son was pleasantly surprised and picked a few of them.



The Soap saver is an oval shaped plastic with spikes on one side. Sticking it to the Soap elevates the soap above any water that may get accumulated in the soap dish and keeps it from melting. It adds to the longevity of the Soap.

I grew up in a small town and I remember my mom used to either stick the left over silver of the soap to the new bar. She also used to collect all the pieces into one multi-coloured ball and use it. Those days we used to buy bar soaps to wash clothes with. I still remember my mother cutting the bar soap with a knife into small pieces before melting it using warm water. Sometimes she added the left over silvers of toilet soap in this gooey mixture to add some fragrance.

These were days before the recycling concepts gained popularity.


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