Commuting hassles

During one of our meetings recently, we were discussing about flexibility in ERP systems and one of my colleagues gave the analogy of commuting to work – we most often take one route to reach office, but if the situation demands take an alternative route. Reasons for this alternate could be many, traffic congestion on our regular route, road repair or just the fact that we want a change and decide to take another route. But the decision to take any particular route should be ours, he said and justified it saying that depending on the need of the hour and other criteria he takes a route most appropriate. We all nodded in agreement.

Next day I was attending a CIO event in Taj Residency(Vivanta) and during the networking session met a senior IT professional who works for the BIAL, the conversation strayed to hassles of daily commute. And he told me something amazing, this gentleman had his own house in JP Nagar, it would take him an average of 4 hours of commute to reach his workplace every day. After suffering it for a couple of weeks, he rented a house in Sahakar nagar and moved his parents to live with him during the weekdays. During weekends he went to his own house where his wife and children stayed! It was during children’s vacation, that this was reversed, when his parents shifted to the own house and his wife and kids came and stayed with him in Sahakar Nagar. He had the best of both worlds; he spent less than an hour in travel (to and from work) and got to spend quality time with his whole family!! This is called innovation or thinking out of the box.

To contrast that I met a lady on my way back from South-end circle last Monday, her rented house was in Kodihalli. This lady said that she was looking for a change of job!! No, she did not want to look for a job near her house, instead she wanted to look for a job that gave her the flexibility to work from home on 4 out of 5 days of the week. The current job had exactly the opposite i.e. she could work from home on one day out of 5!!

Now this post can’t be complete without mentioning another colleague of mine, this man has been travelling from Tumkur to Bangalore on a daily basis for the last 10 years that we’ve worked together. This Superman commutes from Tumkur to Hosur road on a daily basis!! No amount of cajoling has made him shift to a place closer to office … Today I stumbled upon this survey which spoke about the average one-way commute taking 33 minutes, although 28% of Indians have to travel over three quarters of an hour each way. Yet the time taken to commute is less of an issue than the commuting experience it said

Let me now talk about myself, it takes me close to 45 minutes in the morning and close to one hour in the evening, almost 2 hours a day. I read in the morning and make most of my pending phone calls in the evening.

Each to his own is all I can say!


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