A play worth watching

I was travelling to Mumbai for a CIO event which was taking place in JW Marriot, Juhu and for the sake of convenience my stay was also arranged at the Ramee guest line a 4 star property on Juhu.

When I realized Prithvi Theater was in-between  the 2 hotels, I checked for plays that were on and came up with 2 options during my stay, One-on-one and Love Letters. When I asked Vijay Nair our facilitator at the creative writing workshop, which one of the two should I watch, he said ‘without doubt Love letters’.

I tried booking tickets online ‘Book my Show’ and it was a disaster! After deducting the requisite amount I received a message saying ‘Technical Error: -4001’  Sorry! Your booking could not be completed because of connectivity issues at the venue. Please try again after a while. Any charge on your card for this booking will be reversed

I am waiting to get the refund even after 5 days; I abandoned the effort to book tickets online and took a chance by walking to the theater on the 8th at around 9.15PM and was lucky to get a ticket.

Title: Love Letters 

Writer: A. R. Gurney.
Cast: Shernaz Patel, Rajit Kapur & Directed by Rahul Da Cunha.

This much acclaimed play is a poignant tale about two people, Andy Ladd and Melissa Gardner, who write letters to each other from the age of 6 years, over a period of fifty years. Andy is from a stable family background who grows up to be a serious attorney who then is elected to the Senate. 

Melissa on the other hand is from an affluent family, she is a lively, free-spirited almost bohemian artist who ends up an alcoholic with a broken marriage.

But these two have an attraction for each other – bittersweet yet very romantic.

Towards the end the two protagonists get involved in a brief affair. The play ends with Melissa’s untimely death in a mental asylum and Andrews’s confession about his love to Melissa in his condolence letter to her mother. Both Rajit & Shernaz are very accomplished actors and the audience was spellbound by the myriad emotions they displayed. 

I ended up weeping ! I only wish I’d read the script before the show, so I could have  understood the play fully.


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