Poetry – Obsession

Yesterday, as part of the ‘Creative writing’ workshop, we went to the NGMA – this beautiful gallery on Palace Road. We were only told that this gallery tour was part of the poetry session. We spent about 2 hours just going round watching all the works of art – there was no method, no specific instructions.  After that we assembled near the coffee shop and ordered Vada pav, Sandwiches, Coffee Tea and Lemonade and stuff like that. Then we were asked which paintings / work of art had made an impact on us….

There were many which touched me, but I short listed 2 – Temptation & Sea Shore (Hebbar is the artist)…., we were asked to write a couple of lines – a poem on it…This method of getting inspiration from someone else’s art and writing a poem on it is called Ekphrastic poetry.

And here is what I wrote



Like the waves that rush

towards the shore

relentless, untiring

Single minded pursuit

Unmindful of who’s watching

Regardless of the damage

to the Shore.

The experience was simply incredible…I’m not saying that I have figured out how to write poems and am on the way to becoming a poet…, but I would never have imagined that I will be able to write a couple of lines about the sea…… !!

And then there was a group of people there who call themselves ‘Pencil Jam’, these are people who draw (artists), who get together every Sunday and sketch…!!

What a cool way to spend a day…


One thought on “Poetry – Obsession

  1. Same here. I never thought I’d manage to write a poem just until then. Though it may not have been a very thoughtful one, but the very fact that we could manage it felt great, didn’t it? 🙂

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